My Why


Learning someone close to you has any type of illness or disorder can be tough to deal with.  My son's diagnosis of Hemophilia B was nothing short of shocking. With no previous knowledge of this bleeding disorder, I took it upon myself to research as much as I could.

I learned from the staff at our local Hemophilia Treatment Center. I met others in the hemophilia community taking knowledge from their stories. I read everything I could get my hands on and partook in forums about bleeding disorders, not just Hemophilia B. In the end, like most families who deal with this, we learned nothing expands your knowledge like your own experiences.



Hemophilia has become much more than a bleeding disorder to my family. We strive daily to raise awareness for Hemophilia and educate at every opportunity.  The community we are now a part of has been a blessing and we have met some wonderful people along the way.


Understanding that Hemophilia is not a known blood disorder by most, it has become my mission to raise awareness. The products I create are my way to spread the word and educate others about Hemophilia.



With best wishes, Megan